The Natural Answer prides itself on the quality and range of its practitioner-only products which adhere to fundamental Naturopathic principles, and greatly assist in achieving treatment goals. Our medicines are sourced from leading manufacturers in Australia and around the world, which are registered and comply with the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s high standards.


There is an ever expanding foundation of published scientific evidence demonstrating the safety and efficacy of prescription-only complementary medicines in wellness treatment and prevention of chronic disease. The knowledge and use of these products is acquired through University studies (eg. Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy)) exceeding four years, and a disciplined approach to ongoing research and learning to remain up-to-date with current science and the development of new medicines. Over-the-counter medicines cannot be expected to perform at the same level as they are not specifically formulated for the individual as practitioner-only herbal medicine is, tend to have lower doses of beneficial substances and are not subjected to the same stringent quality control and assessments of efficacy as practitioner-only medicines.


The Natural Answer provides a comprehensive dispensary including nutritional supplements, herbal medicines in a variety of preparations (eg. tablets, liquids, powders), flower essences, organic skincare, essential oils, and other health related items. In the case of liquid herbal medicine, formulations are prepared during the consultation to suit individual treatment goals and if possible, complement or other medication prescribed by your doctor. The Natural Answer is devoted to providing tailored treatments for each individual.  If the medicine required is not in stock, it will be made available to clients at the soonest possible time following their consultation.

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